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Topic: report SNMP-USER-BASED-SM-MIB:usmStatsUnknownEngineIDs

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posted August 23, 2016 1:41 AM


I am Using Power SNMP for my snmp manager to Receive Inform packets.When I checked the wire shark I could found that. For get request from the agent the manager is sending a usmStatsUnknownEngineIDs report. In that report the engine boot and engine time is Zero.how can i send the manager's current engine time and engine boot in usmStatsUnknownEngineIDs report.
Nick B (Admin)

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posted August 23, 2016 11:52 AM


Our component is not designed to be capable of this, as such functionality would directly contradict the relevant RFC's definition of SNMPv3 discovery:


The response to this (initial) message will be a Report message containing the snmpEngineID of the authoritative SNMP engine as the value of the msgAuthoritativeEngineID field within the msgSecurityParameters field. It contains a Report PDU with the usmStatsUnknownEngineIDs counter in the varBindList.

(Then send) an authenticated Request message with the value of msgAuthoritativeEngineID set to the newly learned snmpEngineID and with the values of msgAuthoritativeEngineBoots and msgAuthoritativeEngineTime set to zero. The response to this authenticated message will be a Report message containing the up to date values of the authoritative SNMP engine's snmpEngineBoots and snmpEngineTime as the value of the msgAuthoritativeEngineBoots and msgAuthoritativeEngineTime fields respectively. It also contains the usmStatsNotInTimeWindows counter in the varBindList of the Report PDU.
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