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Topic: SSH Login Fails When Password Has Expired

From: Northern Ireland
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posted February 24, 2016 7:02 AM


We have been using Power TCP SSH and SFTP for .NET 4.7, along with Power TCP Emulation for .NET 4.6, to allow users to login into an OpenVMS server. This has been working well for the past 10 months, as long as the password is current.

However when a users password expires the login fails, with a System.IO.Exception of "Password Authentication Failed". The Inner Exception is "Unexpected SSH message (type 60)" with a Source of Dart.Ssh.

When we try the same login using Putty (with the "Attempt keyboard-interactive AUTH" option selected, then a prompt is displayed to the user for them to change their password.

We would expect Power TCP SSH to behave in a similar way. We have been testing this using the "SshVTClient.40" sample project. This project has the "Challenge" event wired up, so we would have hoped that this would have allowed the user to be asked for a new password. We've put a breakpaoint, inside "ssh1_Challenge", but it never fires.

We have also tried changing the ssh.Authenticate call to use pass a SubMethod, to force a "keyboard-interactive" login, but this just produces the error: "'Keyboard-interactive' authentication failed". The SubMethod was passed using:  
ssh.Authenticate("user" , new string[] {""});

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. 
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