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Topic: Message signed but not encrypted

From: Anderlecht, Belgium
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posted March 26, 2015 10:31 AM


I received an email which is signed but not encoded.

When I open it using Thunderbird I can read the email.
Thunderbird tells me the message includes a valid digital signature and that the message has not been altered since it was sent.
I can get information about the certificate hierarchy from the Root CA to the person's certificate.
No problem.

If I open the attachment in notepad I can read the content in clear.

When I process it using Dart.Mail.dll, I correctly see the smime.p7m attachment. But I cannot get the content.

I loaded the email in the Message editor sample. The message status is set to "This email is signed . Decoding is required..."
The decoding fails ("Message authentication failed") because it is not able to find the sender's certificate in my computer crypto stores.

I cannot find the steps to either ignore the validation process or to perform the right validation process in the documentation.

Is it possible? Could you guide me?
Nick B (Admin)

From: Utica, NY USA
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posted March 26, 2015 1:30 PM


A .p7m attachment means that the attachment contains the message data; a .p7s attachment would be contained in a clear-signed email.

I see that your license is for an older version of the component; what version are you using? If you are using a version of the component prior to, please test with the current version, available as a trial download on the product page: http://www.dart.com/mail-net-email-library-api.aspx

If the issue persists in the current version: is the certificate for the received email in your MY certificate store? If yes, there may be some issue with the email or our validation for the specific message. Please post the full exception text, any inner exceptions, and the call stack; and if possible, please send in the email and public key certificate (optional, but would likely help diagnose the issue; may be required after investigation) to support@dart.com.

-Non-current subscribers must contact sales@dart.com to update subscription and receive continued support as needed.

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