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Topic: Adding a pdf file of around 1.7 MB to zip, but it is not adding.

From: Gandhinagar, India
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posted April 14, 2011 3:21 AM


I am using PowerTCP.zip version and Runtime Version 1.1.4322. I need to add file to archive. It is attaching a 39 MB zip file very well and the performance is also very good, however when it encounters a PDF file of around 1.7 MB it just neglects/skips it and moves on to the next file.

I have used this to add files,
foreach (string file in attachments)

Please reply me with necessary solution and reasons for this as early as possible.
Nick B (Admin)

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posted April 14, 2011 10:02 AM


I've just tested adding a pdf file to an archive using archive1.Add with the current version of the control (, and had no issue. Are you able to use the included Zip Manager sample to create a zip and add the pdf file to it manually?

What is the value of "file" when trying to add the pdf file? Does the file exist in the specified location and do you have access rights to it?

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