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Topic: License issue for two Dart.PowerTCP dlls (Urgent)

From: Gandhinagar, India
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posted March 3, 2011 5:33 AM


We have two Dart.PowerTCP.Zip and Dart.PowerTCP.SecureFTP dlls being used in two different project and both these projects are being referred by a single project. On deploying the application, we first got licensing error for SecureFTP so we added the line 'Dart.PowerTCP.SecureFtp.Ftp,Dart.PowerTCP.SecureFtp' in our License.licx file and it seem to work fine. Later we got this error for Zip tool. So we added 'Dart.PowerTCP.SecureFtp.Ftp,Dart.PowerTCP.SecureFtp' in project referring to Dart.PowerTCP.SecureFTP and 'Dart.PowerTCP.Zip.Archive, Dart.PowerTCP.Zip' in project referring to Dart.PowerTCP.Zip.
Finally in the License file in project that is referring both these projects we added both these lines seperated by 'Enter'/'Return'.

SecureFTP still works on the deployed version but Zip doesn't works. Please help us with asap.
Nick B (Admin)

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posted March 3, 2011 4:01 PM


Sometimes applications are not recompiled when changes are made; please delete the 'bin' and 'obj' folders for all the projects in your solution, then rebuild and run. If your error persists, you may try switching the order of the two lines. If that does not help, please send in a small, self-contained sample that reproduces the issue.

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