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Topic: App_Licenses.dll does not get Dart license

From: Ballerup, Denmark
Posts: 3
Member Since: 11/05/10
posted November 5, 2010 11:04 AM

I am trying to use my new Dart PowerFTP SSH and SFTP in a larger application that has a webservice as entry point. I have added Dart.Ssh.Ssh, Dart.Ssh to the Licenses.licx file and built the App_Licenses.dll and redeployed the app. But it claims there are no licenses. If I open the App_Licenses.dll with Reflector it reveals no license info. I also have an older PowerTCP Secure FTP license on my machine. If I add this to Licenses.licx it correctly goes to the App_Licenses.dll.
My SSH/SFTP license works fine with VS2010 and has been activated correctly.
What is missing here?

From: Ballerup, Denmark
Posts: 3
Member Since: 11/05/10
posted November 8, 2010 6:29 AM

Update: If I run LC.EXE from a command line the .licenses file correctly contains info and licensenumber of the Dart.Ssh assembly. If I then manually creates App_Licenses.dll with the .licensesfile I get a new error when running the app:
7.8: The developer license found in 'App_Licenses.DLL' is not a plugin license, which is required to distribute PowerTCP SSH and SFTP for .NET 4.3 with 3rd party applications.
Jason Farrar (Admin)

From: USA
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Member Since: 07/24/07

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posted November 8, 2010 12:37 PM

For the first post, Have you tried right clicking the project in the solution explorer and clicking on Build in the context menu? I have found that using Build Solution and Rebuild Solution do not always trigger a rebuild of the App_Licenses.dll.

For the second post, please explain in as much detail as you can how the control is being created in your project. For example:

Is it directly referenced?
Is there a licenses.licx file and reference to the control in your main project?
Are you using a class library and invoking it via reflection?
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