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Topic: Printers experience slow down following SNMP scan

From: Atlanta, GA USA
Posts: 22
Member Since: 08/09/05
posted August 11, 2009 7:18 AM

Greetings all,

Sorry if this is a little vague, it's only happening with a handful of devices and I don't have direct access to any of them so I'm hoping that this is one of those "oh that's easy, just do this to fix it" sort of things.

We've built a SNMP maangement app that monitors printers and copiers. It uses SNMP v1, and a limited range of GETs and a few GET NEXTs to pull just the data that we're looking for from the device. It has no GET or TRAP functions.

We've run into a few devices that seem to object to being scanned. They operate just fine until the scan hits them, then they start to operate at about 1/5th normal speed until they're powered off and back on.

I've not been able to duplicate the problem on any devices to which I do have access, and I can't confirm whether or not it's specific to our program / PowerSNMP since I can't install another SNMP management app on the system.

Has anyone ever run into anything like this, or are there any suggestions on what I can look for?

Thanks for any ideas
K M Drake

From: Utica, NY USA
Posts: 3406
Member Since: 07/14/00
posted August 12, 2009 12:47 PM

Hi Rick,
Unfortunately, it is hard to say.
When the agent receives a query, it must internally do something to get a value and respond.
It sounds like this is having unwanted negative side-effects with the device.

It's too difficult to say whether something in the queries is contributing, without watching the traffic and observing the devices.

I suggest running some tests to try and isolate the circumstances under which the problem occurs.
For example, you might try performing queries one at a time to see if the problem starts after a specific variable is retrieved.
At least then you might get a better handle on what is causing the problem.


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From: Atlanta, GA USA
Posts: 22
Member Since: 08/09/05
posted August 13, 2009 8:18 AM

Hi Ken,

Unfortunately I don't have access to the devices in question, they're all at client locations. I can send software updates through our remote management system but that's it. I was hoping someone would have seen this sort of behavior before and it would ring a bell.
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