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Topic: Ping & Mail Deployment Issues

From: Richmond, VA USA
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posted June 17, 2009 2:31 PM

I had a Visual Basic application that used the DartMail and DartPing DLL's. In my deployment app, I deployed these 2 DLL's and also the DartUtil
and DartSock DLL's. The application ran fine.

I just re-wrote the app with a different name/install location in VB.Net. referencing the AXDartPing and Dart.PowerTCP.Mail DLL's. I deployed this new app on the workstations that
were running the old VB6 app and it runs fine. However, if I deploy this new app on a fresh workstation, it says it installs fine but
 as soon as it launches, it crashes with a fatal error. I tried many things but no success. I installed the old VB6 app on this workstation
and after installing the VB6 app, the .Net app works.

Thinking I needed the 4 DLL's in the .Net app that were used in the VB6 app, I added them to my .Net project and had them install in the app's folder
but the app crashes when it is launched.

Are there any other dependencies I am missing here that is causing my app to crash?
Mike Baldwin (Admin)

From: Rome, NY USA
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posted June 17, 2009 3:57 PM

Is it possible that your VB installer registers the DLL's and the .NET installer does not?
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