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Topic: LiveCallBack WaitElement does not appear to be working

From: Davison, MI USA
Posts: 26
Member Since: 05/16/05
posted March 16, 2009 3:32 PM


I added a LiveCallBack with the WaitElementId and WaitMessage set. The callback is working as expected, but the WaitMessage is not being displayed.

I am using the same WaitElementId and WaitMessage on a LiveLinkButton on the same page, so I know it works. It just does not work with the LiveCallBack.

Thank you,
John Talarico

From: Rome, NY USA
Posts: 630
Member Since: 06/01/05
posted March 16, 2009 5:02 PM


You're correct - the WaitElementID and WaitMessage properties show up on the LiveCallback because the control implements a common interface, however these properties have no effect on the LiveCallback. I've reported this issue as #5019. Please use that number when contacting support@dart.com for updates.

In the meantime, you can achieve the same result using client-side script. Before the script function makes the call to pwBeginCallServerFunction, execute your own code to set the value of a client side element to your wait message. Then, in the function that is called upon return (named in the second parameter of pwBeginCallServerFunction) you would then clear the client side element's value.

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