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Topic: Problem with reading a Cisco MIB...

From: Herlong, CA USA
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Member Since: 01/05/09
posted February 3, 2009 9:32 AM

It seems I hit a kind of a stumbling block in coding a Cisco 3750 switch. It seems that Cisco, in coding the snmp mgmt support for this switch decided to support their interfaces,"StackPort", but not fill in all the information.

ifIndex    ifDescr    ifType  ifMTU
5179     StackPort1    53    0
5180     StackSub-St1-1  53
5181     StackSub-St1-2  53
5182     StackPort2    53    0
5183     StackSub-St2-1  53
5184     StackSub-St2-2  53

 In my example; "ifIndex", "ifDescr" & "ifType" will list all of the interface values correctly. But after that, Cisco will only list "StackPort1" and StackPort2" interfaces and not place any data values for the other StackPorts. Hence, when I run the code below and build the table using PowerSNMP all the data is shifted out of place of their fields. What is a solution for this? I checked the Table entries and there all screwed up.

Private Sub cmdWalkTable_Click()

  Dim i As Integer
  Dim RowString As String
  Dim TableOid As String
  Dim IPAddress As String
  Dim Community As String
  Dim v As New SnmpVariable
  Dim TableVariables As New SnmpVariables
  Dim Table As SnmpTable
  Dim TableRow As SnmpTableRow
  Dim ColOid As String
  Dim LastDot As Integer
  Dim ItemType As Integer
  Dim OidIndex As Integer
  Dim ColLen As Integer
  Dim ColString As String
  Dim MIBName As String
  If IsNull(cmbIPAddress.Column(1)) Then
    ShowError ("No IP Address Selected!")
    Exit Sub
  End If
  IPAddress = cmbIPAddress.Column(1)
  Community = txtCommunityName.Text
  cmdWalkTable.Enabled = False
  Call CompileMibs

' ifTable will be used to get the data. Get the OID for "ifTable"

TableOid = Mib.Variables.GetOIDFromName("ifTable")

' Start listening

  Call OpenSNMPManager
' Set the agent name
  Manager1.AgentName = IPAddress

' Create a new SnmpVariable, starting with the table's Oid

  v.Oid = TableOid

' Table variable gathering section.

'Send GetNext requests until end of table is reached.

  Do While Mid(v.Oid, 1, Len(TableOid)) = TableOid

' Clear the message and set the message as a GetNext version ltype
' After that, we will add the variable to the request and
' make sure that we are giving the correct Community

    On Error GoTo OnError
    Manager1.Message.Type = TypeConstants.snmpGetNext1
    Manager1.Message.Variables.Add v
    Manager1.Message.Community = Community
' Send the request.


' Check for exception and add variable contained in the response
' to the TableVariables collection

    If Manager1.Message.Exception = snmpOk Then
      TableVariables.Add Manager1.Message.Variables(1)

' Exception occurred. Exit Loop
      Exit Do
    End If

'Use Oid in response for next getnext request

    v.Oid = Manager1.Message.Variables(1).Oid

'Variable gathering complete. Table creation section.

  Set Table = TableVariables.GetTable(TableOid & ".1") ' Have to pass in TableEntry Oid (TableOid + ".1")

All the data values after the "StackPorts" are shifted.
Jason Farrar (Admin)

From: USA
Posts: 223
Member Since: 07/24/07

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Custom Application Development

posted February 3, 2009 3:56 PM

This has been reported as issue #4985 You can contact Jamie Powell (jamie.powell@dart.com) for updates regarding the availability of a fix for this issue.

For now the work around would be getting the table manually by sending a GetNext Message.

From: Herlong, CA USA
Posts: 3
Member Since: 01/05/09
posted February 3, 2009 9:48 PM

Okay...Does this mean as in the code sample supplied that I use getnext instead of the snmpgetNext1 I have? Or do I individually make calls to the agent and build my own table with the results?
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