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Topic: PowerTCP Telnet for ActiveX 1.8.2 and SSL

From: Mississauga, ON Canada
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Member Since: 07/21/05
posted March 19, 2008 4:00 PM

Hi, I'm currently maintaining a VB 6.0 project which uses PowerTCP Telnet for ActiveX vers. 1.8.2
Just recently there is a need to now have Telnet talk via SSL.
I personally don't know much about SSL, but would I be able to do this via PowerTCP Telnet, or would I need something like the PowerTCP SSL for ActiveX or some other third party library?
Thanks, and sorry for any lack of knowledge.

From: Rome, NY USA
Posts: 315
Member Since: 03/15/06
posted March 19, 2008 4:33 PM

Unfortunately, our Telnet ActiveX control doesn't support SSL capabilities. However you could use the Tcp control from the PowerTCP SSLTool (ActiveX) or PowerTCP SSL Sockets for .NET (.NET Components) to do communicate if the server supports SSL and there is not a lot of telnet option negotiation required.

We also provide custom development services and if you are interested in commissioning us to develop a Telnet Active X component which supports SSL, then please contact Jamie Powell (Jamie.powell@dart.com)

-Non-current subscribers must contact sales@dart.com to update subscription and receive continued support as needed.

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