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Topic: Javascript Error when Toolbar.Visibile=False

From: Brummen, Netherlands
Posts: 1
Member Since: 03/19/07
posted September 14, 2007 8:12 AM

I just did a simple example where i set
the Toolbar-Visible property to false in the ASPX page or even when i try to set the Toolbar.Visible property to false from the Page_Load event of my codebehind file.

When the toolbar is visible the complete page loads without any problems but when the toolbar is not visible i get a javascript error :
Line:48, Char 1, parentElement is null or not an object.
I am using IE7 as a client browser.

Can anybody please advise what is going wrong

Thanks in advance

Danny Pronk
K M Drake

From: Utica, NY USA
Posts: 3406
Member Since: 07/14/00
posted September 14, 2007 10:11 AM

Hi Danny,
I am unable to reproduce this.
I tried both setting Toolbar.Visible in the designer, as well as in code-behind.

If you start with a new webform and add only an HtmlBox with an invisible Toolbar, do you see the problem?
If not, what other steps are required to see the issue?

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