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Topic: Is PowerZoom causing ViewState corruption ?

From: Cergy, France
Posts: 3
Member Since: 12/19/06
posted February 20, 2007 6:01 AM


is PowerZoom is known so far to impact ASPNET Viewstate integrity ?

I've a gridview control in an aspx page, i'm binding some data in it at first page load, then
when postbacks occur, the gridview is persisted correctly with his content, as expected :)

But... if i add a Zoom control in the page, my gridview is loosing its persistence after postbacks on the page.

For deeper investigation, we can notice than :
- if the property EnableViewstate on the Zoom control is disabled, the issue doesn't occur (but the zoom becomes stateless...).
- if the Zoom control is included AFTER the gridview control in the page flow, the issue doesn't occur (but it's not why i want).

I can provide a simple code sample causing this if wanted, or more explainations if i'm not clear. And as i'm still french, i apologize for my limited english skill :)

John Talarico

From: Rome, NY USA
Posts: 630
Member Since: 06/01/05
posted February 21, 2007 8:06 PM


Your English is just fine! 

As for Zoom, it should not be affecting the Viewstate as you have described. Have you tried disabling the Zoom Viewstate caching mechanism to see if this helps? This can be done by adding an appSettings node to your web.config...

<add key="Dart.PowerWEB.LiveControls.ViewStateCacheEnabled" value="false" />

In the meantime, please send us a sample web project that demonstrates the problem. You can email it to support@dart.com and we will investigate the cause.
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