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Topic: Download the same file again without taking from cache....

From: West Palm Beach, FL USA
Posts: 60
Member Since: 08/04/05
posted January 11, 2007 9:55 AM

Hi All,

    I am using DART Component to download the Deployment EXE. Very first time it downloads fine. In order to re-test it I removed all the downloads that it did and I tried again.

   This time it downloads really fast as we know it is taking from cache somewhere from the Computer. Could someone please tell me how to force the download to overwrite the EXE right from 1%.

Here are the command we are using in Powerbuilder 10.5

dartStream = CREATE OLEObject
dartStream.FileName = 'test.exe'
web1.Object.Url = 'http://www.abctest.com/test.exe'

Please help me to how the download to force always right from beginning instead taking from cache.

Thanks in advance

From: Rome, NY, USA
Posts: 389
Member Since: 02/01/06
posted January 11, 2007 2:22 PM

Hi Karthik,

Please try using Cache and CacheEx Properties.
You may want to set Cache to false.

[Cache Property]
Returns or sets a value that enables internal caching for all GetEx and Get method calls.
When set to False, a new copy is always retrieved.

[CacheEx Property]
Allows extended caching properties to be set.

Refer the help file for further details.

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