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Topic: Can you do this?

From: Lawrenceville, GA USA
Posts: 35
Member Since: 07/24/02
posted January 27, 2006 2:57 AM

I want to emulate this functionality ( http://www.uvnc.com/addons/nat2nat.html ) in a p2p application.

A) Can this be done with your tools?
B) Any pointers on pulling it off?

I'd just get UVNC's code, but they have refused to release the source so far as it is an "add-on" to the GPL'd VNC and not a part of the core services.

So far, in my testing, the Dart tools seem to be the easiest to use of any tools I have tried.

Kudos on the excellent work!
Tony Priest

From: Utica, NY USA
Posts: 8466
Member Since: 04/11/00
posted January 27, 2006 7:31 AM

You may be able to use the same method as I described in your other post this morning.

If that does not address your question, please contact us about advanced support options as I have previously described.
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